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Welcome to the official website Growbox. Please read the terms and conditions of use as stated below govern your use of our site, which is a site that is operated and owned by CV IDEAS Indonesia. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site is subject to terms and conditions and privacy policy and other applicable laws. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.

Prohibition of imitating and plagiarizing

You agree not to reproduce, transmit, display, distribute, copy, reproduce or trace any Material on this Site on any other server or Internet-based device without the prior written permission of Growbox.


You acknowledge and agree that this Site may contain errors or omissions in the information that has been passed or not current. You acknowledge that the Materials have not been independently verified or authenticated in whole or in part by Growbox, and agree that Growbox does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the Materials and further agree that Growbox not responsible for any errors or omissions in the Materials, whether provided by Growbox and its licensors.


All trademarks, service marks, and trade names of Growbox goods used in the site are trademarks or registered trademarks of Growbox.


All orders for goods depend on our available stock. We apologize if your order is not available at this site. If you have made the payment by wire transfer to our bank account, then we will offer a refund in the form of cash is worth the price for each item that is not available as provided in these Terms and Conditions.

Booking process

Here is a series of instructions on the process of booking this site:

  1. Before you place an order on this website, you can view, select, and shop on this site.
  2. If you have determined the products to be ordered, you are required to fill out personal information that we requested such as name, address, electronic mail (email), telephone number, complete address along with the provincial and city/county.
  3. After selecting the desired product and fill in the data yourself, then order and data that you input will be recapitulated. If the data is appropriate recap, then click "submit" and your order has been entered into our database.
  4. Payment method transfer to our bank account with the following provisions:
    1. We will provide electronic mail (email) confirmation of your booking.
    2. You must make payment by wire transfer to our bank account at the latest within 24 (twenty four) hours after placing an order.
    3. Here are our account details with respect to the transfer payment method:

      Bank: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
      Branch: Bandung A.Yani
      Account Name: Annisa Wibi Ismarlanti
      Account Number: 4371 496 208
      Bank: Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
      Branch: Perguruan Tinggi Bandung
      Account Name: Ronaldiaz Hartantyo
      Account Number: 0277 873 071

    4. You must include your booking code number when making a payment by wire transfer to our bank account.
    5. After your bank transfer, please confirm to us to with this template:

      Subj:Confirmation_(Your Name)
      Your Order ID:
      From Your Account
      Acc. Number:
      Acc. Name:
      To Growbox Account
      Date of Transfer:
      Amount of Transfer:

      If you don't make confirmation within 3 days from your order date, your order will be expired. Your order will not be processed until we received your payment confirmation and verified with our bank account.

    6. Against payment transactions that have been successfully carried out, we will provide electronic mail (email) confirmation of the payment has been done you via the email address listed in your personal data, not later than 1 (one) business day after the payment is successful and well-documented in the bank related.
    7. We are only able to send any goods you order once we receive confirmation of your payment and funds have been entered in our account in accordance with the price of the goods you paid.
  5. All of your orders on this website conditional on our acceptance of your order, by these Terms and Conditions.

If you need information about your order, please contact us on telephone number 0856 234 9262 or e-mail address to


We can ship the order to all around Indonesia. To provide comfort, convenience and certainty of receipt of your the goods order, we will deliver the order item via courier delivery services that have cooperated with us.

You assure us that the shipping destination address as you may provide to us through this site is true and correct, therefore you hereby release us from any claims or demands of any party.

The shipping fee will be informed by the shipping distance and weight of the goods, as well as using a courier service delivery service that works with us, which today is Pandu Logistics. We strive to send all orders within 3-5 business days at the latest time for domestic shipments, since the confirmation of your payment.

We are not responsible for errors and / or omissions in providing the address where you want to send the items to that are not or less correct and precise, thus causing your ordered items do not get to destination on time. Retransmission will be done by re-confirmation by electronic mail (email) or over the phone your shipment destination address.

It is important to note for delivery:

If you want your order to be processed and shipped on the same day please note that your payment must be confirmed before:

Monday - Friday: before 15:00 pm

We only ship orders during weekdays. If you confirm your payment during weekends or holidays, please note that your order will be shipped the next business day.

Exemption from Responsibility and Liability

Information on this site is general information only. We did not issue any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the Site for any purpose. Therefore, your reliance on the information is at your own risk.

In all things we are not responsible for any loss or damage including but not limited to, loss or indirect loss or consequential loss or damage or whatsoever arising from loss of data arising out of or in connection with use of this Site.

Force Majeure (Force Majeure)

We are not responsible for the breach, interruption or delay associated with things that are beyond our control, including but not limited to disaster, floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, hail / rock, bad weather and other due / catastrophe of the surrounding nature, epidemics, explosions, fires, wars, riots, strikes, piracy, mutiny, riot, civil commotion, anarchy or sabotage, demonstrations, terrorism, national emergency, the damage caused by third party software, the treatment third (including but not limited to hackers, suppliers), failure or problems with public facilities (including electricity, telecommunications or internet failure), the action or actions of state officials or persons authorized, changes in laws and regulations applicable or specified policy by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia ("Force Majeure") .

If you or we cancel the contract by written notice when the Force Majeure occurred during the two (2) working days or more, you or we will not have any responsibility if the reason for cancellation of the contract is due to Force Majeure.

Privacy Policy

Growbox value our customers and respect your privacy. Growbox will not sell, rent, share, or transfer the personal information we collect.

This policy describes the your personal information, the reason we keep it, how it is used and when the above considerations we can give it to a third party. Our policy also describes the choices you have about how we store and use information about you. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time by announcement at this site. You can be aware of any changes to this Privacy Policy to check the date of the changes listed above. If we materially change our Privacy Policy, we may deliver notice to you. You can run your choices about how we store and use your information are consistent with this policy at any time.

The information can be requested Growbox:

We will request personal information from you, such as your name, email address, zip code, telephone number, gender, date of birth, etc. when you visit this Site, order online or by phone, save your information online, contact us to ask something, or enter a contest / quiz, promotion or survey. We store the data on your interests and the purchase of a product that you do online or over the phone.

We will use your personal information for the following matters:

You can choose not to be contacted or receive information about our marketing.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or problems with your order, please call 0856 234 9262 or send an electronic mail (email) to Our Customer Service Centre is open from Monday - Friday 09.00 am - 18.00 pm.


In the event of a dispute between two parties then resolved by consensus. If still unresolved, the parties filed respective propose 1 representative and an expert selected and agreed by both parties. If both of the above have not been able to resolve the dispute, then the last resort is to take legal regulations. All the above settlement process should be based attitude brotherhood spirit, the spirit of the solution, and the spirit of success.