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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growbox?

Growbox is a DIY mushroom kit that can be cultivated by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. We can feel a new experience to be a small mushroom farmer.

How long it takes to grow mushrooms?

On average about 2-4 weeks of the mushroom will sprout.

This box can be used for how long?

This Growbox used for 4 months. For 4 months, how many times can it grow back? It will growback 3-4 times depending on the environmental conditions in which it is located , such as temperature and humidity .

Then, the ideal place to store Growbox ?

Keep in the shade with a temperature of 24 C-32 C with sufficient moisture (70%) and not exposed to direct sunlight, as if exposed to direct sunlight , planting medium will dry Growbox . Maybe you can save them in the Living Room, Bedroom, Family Room, etc.

If I lived in town with hot and dry weather, can Growbox still grow?

Growbox designed to be cultivated in urban areas , in anticipation of dry air , Growbox equipped with a bottle spray to spray Growbox every day and to keep the mushroom media humid.

How many times a day we should spray Growbox?

Spray your Growbox 2-3x a day with water , does not need too much , which is essential moisture . This fungus does not like plants that need a lot of water , they needs only water to moisten it.

How do I harvest mushrooms from Growbox?

Unplug your mushrooms down to its roots. Ensure there is mushrooms stems not left ya ! Because if there is , could deter other fungi that will come out. Once harvested, keep spray your mushrooms with 2-3x a day to spray.

How do I use Growbox for the first time?

Open the box seals , slice open the plastic media with a knife or scissors , spray it 2-3 times every day , patient is our main ingredients.

5 reasons my mushrooms aren't growing?

If your mushroom not growing, consider the following five things :

  1. Not enough moisture, Mushrooms themselves are mainly water, so if you let the mycelium dry out or the humidity level get too low then nothing will happen. Make sure to mist or water when you see and feel things drying out.
  2. Too moist, do not let too much water pooled in the media because it can lead to mold growth.
  3. There is no air exchange, do not store Growbox in a place too closed because the fungus also requires oxygen. Make sure your project has a flow of fresh air. Don't place things in areas with no air exchange.
  4. Environmental conditions are not right, do not store your Growbox in places that are too hot or too cold.
  5. Lack of patience, because everything it takes the process . Enjoy watching things grow and getting into the rhythm of the mushroom life cycle. If it looks like nothing is happening, don't give up too soon. Wait a little longer and don't just write the whole thing off.

Learning how to grow mushrooms needn't be a complicated or confusing process. Through reading and simple trial and error I guarantee you'll eventually succeed.

Every failure is a learning experience. Besides, if you're learning and having fun, then it's not really a failure, is it? ;)

What are the products Growbox apart oyster mushrooms?

For the moment, we recently have developed oyster mushrooms, they consists of several types, like white, pink, yellow, brown, blue, gray and of course all of them are edible.

Do Growbox using artificial chemicals?

Of course not. We do not provide artificial chemicals into Growbox, especially for colored mushrooms, they are from different species and has their own natural color.